About Us

Together we will go from Zero to Hero.


Zero project was made by an unknown creator called zerocurrency early February 2017 as an experimental project to solve many inherent weaknesses of previous crypto-currencies. A truly evolved project with multiple features that accomplishes to cover the needs of the many like no other. Since its inception and before it takes off and hits the markets Zero became an orphan and the unknown creator has been mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him but the created Zero project somehow refused to perish and appeared to have a conscious of its own.

Moved by this formidable power of will to live on, a small but vibrant community that knows no boundaries in race or gender composed by citizens of the world has decided to help Zero project grow, reach its true potential and become what was initially intended or more....

WE are the ZERO community and we are now many. We grow relentlessly each day continuously supporting this project because we believe in it and what it can offer to the people. And Zero project believes in us.

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